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Filmning av simmare

In the first lesson in a set of lessons or a course, I film the students to get them a 'before film'. In the last lesson, I do the same to get an 'after film' in order to get them to see their progress and for me to do an analysis of their swimming. Together with the analysis, I give them recommendations on how to practice to improve their swimming even further.

Normally I film them from the side when they swim 2x25 m, 12 m from the back, and 12 m from the front, and also the same from above.

The films and some interesting snapshots are put together showing both underwater and above water simultaneously. This film is used for the analysis.

Snapshots from a film (Click the pictures for larger ones)

Front view

Above view

To this, I regularly film the students during lessons with my iPad to give them immediate feedback. After each lesson, I send them an email with YouTube (Unlisted) links to the films.

  • 2 Cameras - GoPro Hero 6 Black
  • Buy the latest, GoPro 9 Black or above
  • 2 Monopods (Selfie Sticks) - DJI (23 - 98 cm each)
  • Could be any, preferably only one if it's long enough unfolded and has flexible lengths
  • Important they can be mounted on a pod screw in the bottom
  • 1 Pistol Grip - Roxcore
  • 1 Adapter 1/4" Double End - SmallRig
  • To mount two monopods together or monut a second camera

  • Click the pictures for larger ones)